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Alexa App

Amazon Alexa Voice assistant has changed the course of technology and has introduced such leisure in our life which we never imagined before. With new features coming year after year, the Alexa app is becoming very popular. It’s literally at your command at all times of the day and has made your lives so much easier.

Now, coming to its technology the app could be downloaded on your Android as well as ios smart phones and could be attached to multiple devices at your place converting it into a smart home. You can command Alexa app to turn off the lights, switch the TV channel, and moderate the ac temperature and what not. This can literally change your life for good.

alexa app

Talking about its great functionality, it has brilliant features and can do things which we had never experienced before.

Some of its commonly used yet exceptionally great features are:

  • Navigates your way

  • Delivers weather reports

  • Read news to you

  • Do calculations

  • Set alarm clock

  • Can be attached to other devices at your place which you can then function through Alexa

  • Create your to-do lists

  • Read out your emails

  • Update the excel

  • Play your favorite music

  • Read from kindle

  • Create amazon music playlists

The Amazon Alexa App is literally a friend in disguise, an assistant to your rescue and a partner in tough times.

Further, the Amazon Alexa app is compatible with Amazon’s shopping platform. Hence, you can do a lot like: place an order, track your orders and pay online all by issuing your voice commands to Alexa.

Alexa App for PC

Ever since rolling this amazing update where Alexa app could be downloaded on PC as well, the massive popularity of it has increased. So, now the app is available on Microsoft store for download and once you have done that you can access its amazing functionality.

It works the same way it does on your mobile phone device and in times to come we can even expect some PC specific features in the Alexa App for PC. However, there is one thing you need to be sure of that your PC is compatible for Alexa app download.

  • The steps to download Alexa app for PC are as follows:

  • Visit the Microsoft Store from your Windows 10 PC.

  • Look for the Alexa App by typing the “Alexa app” in the search bar.

  • Click on the download button once you have found Alexa App

  • Once the download is complete press the Install button

  • Now, launch the app on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Sign in with your Amazon account’s credentials

  • Now go through its various setting prompts and get started

Once all of this is complete, say the wake word and start issuing your commands. It will immediately respond and you can get started. If it does not respond then check for any glitches, you can later customize some of the Amazon Alexa app features and make its functionality exclusive to you.

Amazon Alexa App

The Amazon Alexa is one technological innovation that has brought incredible transformation in our day to day life. Starting from morning alarm to navigating route in the car, turning off the room ac to setting alarm for the next day, it has changed the way we lived and perceived our life.

amazon alexa app

Now, that you have got Alexa to assist you, let it change your life for good. To begin with that you need to download the Amazon Alexa App and pair it up with your Alexa device. The process is simple yet for a first time user it may seem like a daunting task.

  • But don’t get scared, we are here to help you. Let us start the process with downloading the amazon Alexa app:

  • Choose a device like a mobile phone or tablet which has enough space to download the Alexa app.

  • Then, go to the playstore – Android or ios depending on what phone you are using.

  • Type Alexa app in the search bar and the one appearing at the top of the list is your app.

  • Download and install it in your device.

  • Now, sign in with relevant amazon credentials or sign up by creating a new account.

  • Once that is done you can look for nearby Alexa devices and pair them up with the app using Bluetooth connectivity. Once this is done you are ready to setup Alexa.

Alexa Setup

Now, that you have got the amazing Alexa to make your life so much easier, fun and interesting wait no more and let Alexa work its magic on your life. Alexa’s amazing capabilities are all what tempted you to buy it in the first place and now that you are ready to use it we will guide you through this process.

So, let’s begin as to how one should start with Alexa setup:

  1. The first step in this process is to pick a device in which you will download the Alexa app. It could be on iOS, Android or on Amazon’s own tablets. Download the app and get started.

  2. Plug in your alexa device with a power source and turn it on. The flashing light ring will indicate that the device is ready for the setup.

  3. Sign in or sign-up on the alexa app with an amazon account then go to the top-left corner and select Add Device. Here, is where you add your Alexa device for the setup.

  4. Pick the Alexa device you want to set up.

  5. When your Alexa device starts showing orange light it means it is ready for setup mode.

  6. Now, you will be prompted to open your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect the device with Amazon-named network. Once you do that you are ready for Alexa setup.

Amazon Echo Setup

Once the Alexa entered the market, the fascination for it always kept on increasing. Hence, the brand also makes sure to never disappoint its audience and it keeps on launching new and upgraded versions of it. Another such variant is Amazon Echo which has come with added features and functionalities.

So, let us tell you the process of how to do Amazon Echo Setup.

First take out your smart speaker and attach it to a power source. As soon as you do that, you will see an LED light circle on the top of it. Once that blue light turns to flashing orange it means it is ready for setup.

The first step of Amazon Echo Setup is to download the Amazon app and sign in into it. Once you have started the app go to the top-left corner and find the + icon. Now, follow the on screen instructions to add your device to the app.

For that make sure you tap on the correct model of the Echo that you are trying to setup or simply click on available devices and you will find your amazon echo. Click on it and then it’s ready for setup.

Now, after Amazon Echo Setup Alexa is ready for you to use. Say the wake word and it’s all set to showcase its amazing functionality and make your life easier.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Setup

The amazon echo Dot 4th generation is one amazing smart speaker that has great features and functionalities. If you have got one, you must be very excited to use it. Before that you will need to perform Echo dot setup which is a simple process.

how to set up echo dot 3rd generation

It starts with turning on your amazon Echo 4th generation and placing it in a suitable location which is away from physical obstacles. Now, turn on the device and when the light turns orange and Alexa greets you it means it is ready for setup.

Then, Download the Alexa app and sign in.

To begin setup echo dot connect it to a Wi-Fi network by following the below mentioned steps:

Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

If the setup process does not automatically start, press and hold the Action button on Echo Dot for five seconds.

Now, open your alexa app and go to add device icon. Once the device is added you have successfully completed amazon echo dot 4th generation setup.

Now, say the wake word and your Alexa is ready to take your commands. You can even change that wake word later.

There are amazing echo dot functionalities which are now ready to be used at your command. From telling you the time, to adding items to your shopping list, playing your favorite music to preparing your to-do lists, answering your questions to reminding you of your tasks. It will be will your perfect partner and a friend to make your personal and professional life easier and fun.

Amazon Echo Dot Setup

Now, that you have got yourself Amazon Echo dot device, get ready to welcome the new addition to your new life which will bring an incredible transformation in the way your daily life works.

To start with that, you need to be acquainted with the brilliant features and functionality that Echo dot offers and how it can change your life.

So, let’s get started with the echo dot setup first. For that you need to plug in the Echo Dot device into a power source so you can start the setup process. Once it is turned on you have to pair it up with a device.

For that you can use your iOS, Android mobile phone or even Kindle Fire tablets in which you will be downloading the Alexa app.

So, in any of these devices download the Alexa app sign in with the right credentials. Once you are there it will prompt you to turn on Bluetooth to find the nearby Alexa devices which it pair up with. Make sure your Echo dot is turned on for it to be visible to the app.

Once the Alexa app has paired up with your Echo dot, you can begin with the amazon echo dot setup.

Once you have set up echo dot you can customize many of its features and set the device for your exclusive use. You can integrate your own calendar and sync your email with the device. You can sync the contact details also so anytime you ask Alexa to call on a particular number it can do so quickly. You can connect Alexa to as many apps in your device as you want and hence your phone’s system will become easily accessible through your voice commands.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Setup

Amazon keeps updating new features in its devices and similar updates have been made to Echo dot. The echo dot third generation is one of its latest devices rolled out with new functionalities.

It has similar features which lets you access multiple functionalities using the Echo Dot speaker. The new update has got some more innovative features added too.

Now, if you have got one and if you are not sure how to set up echo dot third generation then you’ve come to the right place. It is not a very difficult process. Just follow these steps and amazon echo dot setup will be complete:

First step is to download the Amazon Alexa app for PC, iOS or Android device and then sign in with the correct credentials.

Then plug your Echo Dot device to a power source and turn it on. Just make sure you place it in suitable position which is like: 8 inches away from any walls, away from any kind of direct physical obstacle.

Then, open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and click through all the prompts and then add device. For that find your Echo Dot third generation and pair it up with the app.

If the light changes from blue to orange, then it means that echo dot setup is in place. The Amazon Alexa app will now lookup for the speaker once that is found you can be sure that the echo dot setup process is complete.

Echo Show Setup

Now, that you have made the decision of buying Echo show, you are ready to turn your life around and make it so much more interesting and fun. The amazing device will help your make life easier. To bring that change into it the first step is to do Alexa setup.

Let’s just begin by telling you the things you need for echo show setup:

  • A smartphone with enough space to download the Alexa app

  • Good internets connectivity

  • Internet Router with Wi-Fi capability

  • An amazon account to sign up in the device

Begin the process and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Download the Alexa App to your Smartphone or Tablet. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play store or the Amazon app store.

  • Now, after you have downloaded the app, you need to place your Echo show in a suitable location which is 8 inches away from any wall or physical obstacles. Now, plug it to a power source and turn it on.

  • Once you do that, your device will be ready for setup as it will say it loud.

Now, what you need to do is:

Connect your echo show device to a Wi-Fi source

On your smartphone open the Alexa app and Log in to your Amazon account

Now, pair your Echo show with the Alexa app. Once you do that, Alexa will say, “Your Echo Show is ready.”

You have now successfully completed Echo Show setup and your device is ready to take your commands. To start using it say the wake word “Alexa” and then state a command to which Alexa responds.

Amazon Echo Input Setup

Amazon makes sure that its audience never gets enough of its amazing range of smart speakers and hence it keeps launching fascinating updates which we are always drawn towards to. Now, one such amazing product under their brand umbrella is Echo Input which is a variation of the Echo Dot device only.

It includes in-built microphones for receiving Alexa voice commands, but it does not come with an in-built speaker. So while you will be taking to Alexa, it won’t be talking back. For that you will need to attach it to some kind of external speaker or audio system.

If you have got one, let’s just tell you how to Set Up the Echo Input:

  • Plug the Echo Input into a power sources using the given adapter.

  • Download the alexa app on your smartphone and login into it with your amazon account.

  • Go to the App menu and tap on the Devices Icon to add the new device.

  • There you tap on the “+” icon and then select the Echo Input you want to setup.

  • Connect Echo Input to a Wi-Fi with strong internet connectivity.

  • Now, pair your echo input with the smartphone using either of the two options- Aux cable or Bluetooth

  • Now, you are ready for Amazon Echo Input setup. Tap continue and start interacting with Alexa.

Amazon Echo Sub Setup

The Amazon Echo sub is another addition to the range of Alexa smart speakers. These smart speakers allow you to do all those functions which any Alexa-enabled smart speakers do. From functioning the smart-home devices, read your texts, organize your shopping list, stream music and audiobooks, make call, check weather, traffic and read news, you can just issue your voice command and you will see things getting done.

Now, let use guide you step by step about Amazon echo setup process:

Turn on your Echo Sub

Plug the provided power adapter into the device and then into a power outlet. Now turn it on.

Make sure Echo sub is placed at least eight inches from any walls and windows and somewhere, from where it could connect to the internet easily.

Download the Alexa App

You can download the Alexa app from play store for android phones or from apple store for iOS.

Setup the Echo Sub:

Now, open the Alexa App and look for the device which you want to setup. In your case, select the Echo sub device in the lower right corner for the setup.

For that, Press the Plus sign in the top right corner, then Select “Add Device.” Now, Click on your Echo sub and the Alexa setup will begin.

Make sure you have connected Amazon Echo sub to a Wi-Fi network. For that select your Wi-Fi network and enter the network password. You have now successfully completely Alexa setup of your Amazon Echo sub device and you are ready to use it.

Amazon Echo Plus Setup

So, you have finally got yourself an Amazon Echo Sub device and with that you have got your hands on one of the best Voice-controlled Virtual assistants. Echo Plus will now be assisting you with innumerable things beginning from playing music of your choice, keeping notes, giving weather details, giving with directions, reading a book to make calls and break the news to you.

Now you have got Echo Plus at your space all what is left is to setup the device and get started exploring its amazing features.

To guide you efficiently we have divided the process of Alexa Setup in steps:

  • Download Alexa App– Download and install the Alexa app to your smartphone or tablet device.

  • Plug in the Echo Plus.- The next step is to turn on the echo by plugging your Echo into a power outlet via the included adapter.

  • Alexa Echo Plus Setup– Start the Alexa App and select which type of Echo you’re setting up. For that, switch to the “Devices” tab on the bottom right and find the Echo Plus device which you want to setup.

  • Sign into your Amazon Account.

  • Connect Echo Plus to the Wi-Fi network – Connect the device to your home Wi-Fi network.

Get Started

Now, start giving your commands to Echo Plus and enjoy while it does everything you ask.

Amazon Echo tap setup

Amazon Echo tap have is considered as one the best smart speakers in the market. Once Amazon has launched its amazing range of smart speakers there was no going back and it kept coming with interesting updates.

One such device is Amazon Echo Tap which has simplified our lives like never before and have taken the whole experience with technology to another level of perfection and sophistication.

So, now that you have got one it’s time to get started. So, we will start with Amazon Echo tap setup first:

Place the Amazon Echo Tap Device

Place the Amazon Echo tap at a central location in the house which is at least eight inches from any walls and windows.

Now go to the play store and download the Alexa App if you are downloading it on the phone or your tablet. The other option is to download it from here alexa.amazon.com. If you are downloading it on the laptop or computer.

Turn on Amazon Echo tap

Now, turn on the device with the provided power adapter of which one end has to be plugged in into Amazon Echo setup and the other end into a power outlet. Now you need to supply it with the power and it will start the device.

Connect Amazon Echo Tap to a Wi-Fi Network

Now, you need to connect the amazon echo to a Wi-Fi device so you can start with the setup process.

Once you have done that, your Amazon Echo tap is ready to pair it with the device. Now, you have successfully completed Amazon setup.

Echo Spot Setup

Echo spot is another technological innovation and product of Amazon line of smart speakers. These smart speakers allows you to do all those functions which any Alexa-enabled smart speakers do. From functioning the smart-home devices, read your texts, organize your shopping list, stream music and audiobooks, make call, check weather, traffic and read news, you can just issue your voice command and you will see things getting done.

So, before you dive deep into its amazing functions, you’ll need to get the device up and running. So follow this step-by-step guide to complete the process of Echo spot setup:

Turn on your Echo Spot

First plug your Echo Spot into a power outlet via the included adapter. Now you need to supply it with the power and it will start the device.

Connect to Wi-Fi

You’ll be prompted to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Sign into Amazon

Once you have done that another prompt will appear which will ask you to sign in in your amazon Account.

Here, you will be asked for “Enter Amazon Account Info” which will be followed by two text entry boxes, one for entering your email address and another for your password.

Now, at this point you either have to put in you Amazon account details if you already have an account or create a new account if you do not have an account.

Pair your Device for Echo Spot Setup

Once you have downloaded the app you can now open the app. Once the app is opened press the Menu button in the top left corner, then select Alexa Devices and your Amazon Echo setup.

Amazon Echo look

Amazon Echo look is another addition to amazon’s amazing range of smart speakers but with interesting updates. So, while it has all the functions of the rest of the speakers it has great technological innovations which have made our lives so much easier.

It easily accepts the voice commands and accepts so many of our instructions and follows them so easily leaving all the hassles behind. It has proven to be amazingly helpful in easing the daily chores of our life.

However, it has come up with certain different features too which makes it different from its other counterparts. It’s because it is primarily a camera that lets you click pictures and shoot videos too. It has this unique and impressive feature which lets you snap daily outfits, catalogues and stuff like that. It comes in very handy and is like your personal digital diary which is recording everything you do.

Now, coming to its usage and echo setup process which is equally simple and even the person using it for the first time can set it up easily.

  • Place your Echo Look somewhere the device can clearly capture the view and click clear pictures.

  • Plug in your Echo Look.

  • Now, you need to turn on the device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on which you have downloaded the app to begin the Echo setup.

  • Download the Amazon app setup and login into it with your amazon credentials

  • Once you have logged in and then you can pair it up with your Echo look

  • Now, that you have done that your Echo look is ready to setup.

Now, you have successfully completed Echo look setup and you are ready to carry it around with you for clicking pictures and shooting amazing videos.

Amazon Echo Flex Setup

Amazon’s Echo Flex is another smart speaker which has come up with different functionality but great features. It adds the same amount of ease and comfort in your life like its other siblings yet it’s a bit different than them. One nice feature of Echo Flex is that it comes with added network extension which means it offers you connectivity to almost all the spaces. So, you can take it anywhere or place it anywhere and it will still take your commands and act on it.

Plus, one benefit of Echo Flex setup is that it can Echo users can then control smart devices more easily than its counterparts and the reason being its extended and strong connectivity. Also, it talks back so you can be sure of some fun and interesting usage and time with the same.

Another, different thing is that the Echo flex is very tiny which means you won’t even know it’s there.

So, now we have known enough about the Echo Flex its time to start the Echo setup:

Just download the Amazon app in your smartphone or tablet and login with amazon credentials

Then turn on the Amazon Echo Flex and it will be ready for setup

Now, go to the amazon app and then go to add device section where you will add the Amazon Echo flex

After the Amazon Echo flex setup you are ready to use this tiny smart speaker with great functionality.